Personal Accident Insurance: what are “living benefits” and why are they so important?

Every day, over 450 people enter our public hospitals due to an accidental injury. Most likely, few of them were keeping thousands in the bank to pay for the costs involved. And it can be quite surprising how quickly these costs can add up to thousands of ringgit.

Which is why having the right protection – before you need it – is so important.

Unlike life insurance which only provides a benefit after your death, personal accident insurance also pays “living benefits” – that’s financial assistance for you, while alive and recovering from an accident.

From only RM10 a month, EZTakaful plans offer a wide range of living benefits, including:

Permanent Total Disability

If you become permanently and totally disabled as a result of an accident, you’ll receive a substantial lump sum benefit. Permanent total disability is a condition that prevents you from working any kind of job, ever – thus unable to earn an income and support your family financially.

Temporary Disability

Some accidents might leave you “temporarily” disabled – meaning you are unable to perform the daily duties of your profession for an extended period of time. Benefits for temporary disability are given in weekly cash payouts lasting for up to 2 whole years.

Both EZCover and EZPrime offer these benefits in addition to accidental death – and you can customise your coverage with extra cash payouts for traffic accidents, air travel or robberies. EZPrime includes additional benefits for Broken Bones + Hip Replacement, as well as a nursing care allowance while you are temporarily disabled.

Hospital Benefits

These come in various forms depending on the plan you select.

For instance, EZCergas pays fixed daily benefits for each and every day you spend in hospital due to a covered accident, regardless of its severity. This daily income can last for up to 60 days and is paid directly to you to use as you wish – not to doctors or hospitals. The benefit doubles if you are treated in a hospital Intensive Care Unit for up to 30 of those days. An extra daily allowance is also paid to your family for up to 30 days while you are hospitalised. And because recovering from an accident can be costly – even after you leave hospital – EZCergas pays a lump sum Post-Hospital Treatment allowance if you require follow-up treatments after being released from hospital.

For even greater protection, you can add extra cash payouts for major surgery, hospitalisation due to a motorcycle accident, dengue fever or malaria, or even outpatient emergency cash.

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