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When do I receive my claims payout?

Once all completed documents are submitted and assessed by the Zurich Takaful claims department, your claim will generally be approved or rejected within 14 working days.


Why is my claims payout amount different from what it says on the product benefits sheet?

The amount paid out depends on the type of accident and scenario of the claim, in addition to the documents that we receive from the relevant authorities, such as police report, medical report and duration of hospitalization. For full clarification, please contact the Zurich Takaful claims department for further details.


It’s been more than 2 weeks since I submitted my claims, but I have not heard anything yet.

The general service guide of 14 working days for claims assessment only begins once all required documents have been received. It may be that there are some additional documents that are still outstanding from the relevant authorities. If you have not received any response from Zurich Takaful, do contact their claims department at +603 2109 6459 or call us at 1300 82 0010 (ezTakaful) for further clarification. We will be glad to assist you.


Why has my claim been rejected?

The decision to reject or approve a claim is based on the documents received from claimants (you). With these documents, the team will assess the scenario of the accident and decide whether to approve or reject the claim. For further information, we suggest that you speak directly to the Zurich Takaful claims department by calling +603 2109 6459.


If my claim is rejected or I’m unsatisfied with the result, how can I appeal?

As a responsible takaful operator, we wish to let you know that you can also bring your dissatisfaction to the official Mediator, Ombudsman For Financial Services (OFS). Here are their contact details:
Ombudsman For Financial Services (OFS) (Formerly Known as Financial Mediation Bureau) Level 14, Main Block,

Menara Takaful Malaysia
No 4, Jalan Sultan Sulaiman, 50000 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2272 2811
Fax: 03-2272 1577
Email: [email protected]

You may write to the Mediator above with details of the dispute and particulars of your Certificate. If the Mediator makes an award against Zurich Takaful, you are required to inform the Mediator of your decision to accept or deny the award within fourteen (14) days. If you do not accept the award, you may reject the decision of the Mediator.


What documents are needed to support my claim?

Please refer to Steps 1 and 2 above for the necessary documents. Note that we may require additional documentation during the initial review of your claim.


How will payment be made?

Payment will be made via GIRO transfer to your bank account. You are required to complete the e-payment form in Step 1 for this purpose. Please note that payments cannot be made to third-party bank accounts.

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