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Help with hospital costs after an accident

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When you’re recovering from an accident, the last thing you want to worry about is how you will pay large hospital costs. So choose ezCergas for:

  • Guaranteed acceptance for ages 18-60
  • Fixed monthly contribution that won’t increase with age
  • Benefits paid directly to you or your family, free of tax
  • No medical examination

Key benefits

Up to RM500 per day if you are hospitalised

Up to RM1,000 per day if you are hospitalised in the ICU

Up to RM250 per day to help your family cover their bills while you are in the hospital

Up to RM2,500 to help cover additional costs if you require follow up treatments after being released from hospital

Enhance your plan

Up to RM500 per day for Dengue and Malaria

Up to RM1,000 per day for Motorcycle Accidents

Up to RM5,000 for Major Surgery

Up to RM250 in cash for Outpatient Emergencies

How ezCergas works

Let’s say you have the Premier plan (with 2 add-ons for motorcycle accidents and major surgery). You’re involved in a motorcycle accident that puts you in hospital for 2 months where you spend 10 days in ICU and require major surgery.


You and your family will receive the following payouts:

1) Hospital Income
RM 15,000
(RM300 x 50 days)
2) ICU Hospital Income
RM 6,000
(RM600 x 10 days)
3) Family Allowance
RM 4,500
(RM150 x 30 days)
4) Post Hospital Treatment Allowance RM 1,500
5) Motorcycle Accidents
Hospital Income
RM 15,000
(RM300 x 50 days)
6) Motorcycle accidents
ICU Hospital Income
RM 6,000
(RM600 x 10 days)
7) Major Surgery RM 3,000
Total RM 51,000

All for under RM1.60 a day, less than the cost of a nasi ayam!

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