Beware of the Top 5 Online Scams

Cyber crimes are on the rise and the incidents are getting more sophisticated. In fact, during the first quarter of this year, MyCERT reported 1,850 cyber crimes with fraud, intrusion and malicious codes (malware) incidents taking the lead. With this on-going trend of over 600 incidents a month, we expect to see at least 7,000 … Continued

Five Proven Ways to Generate Extra Income

The rapidly rising costs of living is surely one of the hottest conversational topics among Malaysians, after food, of course. We would imagine a typical greeting to go like this: Uncle A: Have you eaten already? Uncle B. Yes, I had chicken rice at our favourite stall. But aiyo, they’ve increased the price by RM0.50 … Continued

Why you need to diversify your retirement savings

This article is contributed by The number one cardinal rule of investments is to diversify, don’t place all your funds into any single investment vehicle. Diversify and increase your chances of returns. The same can be said with your retirement savings, though we have the Employees Provident Fund (EPF), it is also a good … Continued