Why is Personal Accident coverage such a smart choice? (Part 1)

We all hope to live long and healthy lives – into our 70s, 80s and beyond.

But, inevitably, we’ll all die of something one day. And when we do, it’ll be more than grief or memories we leave our loved ones. Think funeral expenses, medical costs, unpaid bills or outstanding debts. Plus the challenge of making ends meet without your income.

That’s why life insurance plays such an important role in financial planning. It pays a lump sum if you die while the policy is in force – from whatever cause – to ease your family’s financial pain.

Yet more and more people choose personal accident coverage to begin or strengthen their financial security. It’s quickly becoming one of the smartest ways to protect one’s family financially.

So what makes personal accident insurance so smart?

The short answer is, A:

It’s much easier to get – no medical exam, no waiting periods.

While life insurance involves medical exams, lengthy approval processes and waiting periods when no claims are paid, a PA plan like EZCover can be yours in minutes and covers you from day 1.

And B:

It costs so little compared to what you’d pay for life insurance.

For instance, unlike life insurance contributions which are expensive and become higher each year, EZTakaful accident plans start from only RM10 a month – which will never increase even as you grow older or have a medical condition.

But it covers only accidents, some will exclaim.  

Picture this: you’re at the prime of your life, your healthiest and most active years – and the height of your earning years, meaning you have more financial obligations than ever. Your unexpected death or disability, right now, could mean financial disaster for your family.

Statistically, you’re now also most likely to die of an accident than of anything else. Get the drift?

Here’s another scenario: you’re retired or about to retire and looking for some added protection. But due to poor health or just because you’re older, you’re asked to pay a fortune for life insurance – or declined coverage. At your age accidents are among the leading causes of death – so why leave yourself unprotected when you could have a plan like EZPrime for very little cost?

Discover them now or stay tuned for Part 2, where we’ll look at the importance of living benefits – plus more factors making personal accident insurance such a cost-effective way to protect your finances!

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