5 Gadgets to Enhance Your Home Security

When it comes to your home security, every extra precaution counts. Traditional home security systems take care of the basics like alerting the home security company if there’s a break in, but they are not effective enough. With the advent of home security mobile apps, it is now possible to keep a close eye on … Continued

How to Travel Overseas on a Budget

Travelling to foreign, exotic places comes with many costs including foreign exchange fees, transportation costs, meals, accommodation and unexpected emergency expenses. Before you resign yourself to just a Cuti-Cuti Malaysia, we have some tips on how you can travel overseas on a budget: Tip 1: Plan Your Own Trip It’s cheaper than booking a full-service … Continued

How to Look Stylish on a Budget

Tip 1: Prepare Your Clothing Budget and Stick to it Your clothing budget is part of your overall annual budget so set a realistic limit and stick to it. It may help if you ask yourself these three questions before buying any new clothing: ● Do I really need it? ● Do I already have … Continued