5 Gadgets to Enhance Your Home Security

When it comes to your home security, every extra precaution counts. Traditional home security systems take care of the basics like alerting the home security company if there’s a break in, but they are not effective enough. With the advent of home security mobile apps, it is now possible to keep a close eye on the safety of your home even when you are away. Here are five gadgets that can enhance your home security to suit every budget:

Gadget #1: Security Wireless Camera

Xiaomi Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera

Small and portable, wireless security cameras are flexible, easy to install and can meet almost any need. Choose cameras that can be connected to your phone for real-time, remote monitoring.

  • Install a door camera to see who’s standing outside the door.
  • Conceal a nanny cam inside props set in strategic spots to monitor those who are taking care of your loved ones.
  • In the event of a break in, use the video footage and images stored in the cloud to see who has broken into your home and share it with the police.

Budget: From RM85 (Xiaomi Smart 1080P WiFi IP Camera)

Gadget #2: Smart Lock

Deadbolt Smart Lock v02 [Igloohome]

Keys are simply unsafe. They can be easily photographed and duplicated. It’s time to ramp security up a notch with smart locks and a smart lock mobile app.

  • It gives keyless entry to you at a close distance. Say goodbye to being locked out of your house because you left the keys behind!
  • The master pin code is meant for the house residents and is always active. For security reasons, it should be reset from time to time from the phone app.
  • You can keep track of the people who have entered your house.
  • Remember to replace the batteries before they are totally drained out.

Budget: From RM1,400 (Deadbolt Smart Lock v02 [Igloohome]

Gadget #3: Safety Door Stop

120 dB Anti-Theft Security Door Stop Alarm Safety Wedge

Most home invaders resort to brute force and kick down doors to gain entry. In addition to the Smart Lock, a quick and affordable option to prevent their entry is to enhance your door security with a safety door stop.

  • The device prevents the door from opening and triggers a loud alarm to further deter intruders.
  • The on/off switch allows you to control when it should be armed.
  • It can be used in hotel doors when travelling.

Budget: From RM32 (120 dB Anti-Theft Security Door Stop Alarm Safety Wedge)

Gadget #4: Motion Sensors

Xiaomi Smart Home Launch Security Sensors Suite

It’s easy to install a DIY security sensor system that fits your needs without the need to drill holes or install a single wire. Any changes to the environment will send a notification to your smartphone.

  • Get a set that includes a smart hub, motion detectors, doors and windows sensors, a remote control, a camera and an alarm.
  • If you want to drive away approaching intruders, you should be able to trigger the alarm remotely.
  • DIY kits would not include automatically calling the police if trouble ensues. If you want professional monitoring, you can opt for kits that offer this service at an additional monthly fee.

Budget: From RM289 (Xiaomi Smart Home Launch Security Sensors Suite)

Gadget #5: Smart Security Lights

Belkin Wemo Switch

With smart lighting solutions, you can turn your lights on and off remotely from your phone to make people think you’re at home, even when you’re not.

  • Plug in a bright lamp to the smart switch and schedule when you want to turn on and off the lights.
  • You can also plug in other AC-powered devices and switch them on and off remotely.
  • Install motion sensor lights outdoors for added security.

Budget: From RM275 (Belkin Wemo Switch)

These nifty and reasonably priced gadgets will help keep your home secure as well as protect the important things and people in your life.

The Next Step To Ensure Your Family’s Security

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