Overpriced Foods Malaysians Should Cut Down On

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Whether it’s a response to the hipster culture or a supply-demand situation, there are a number of overpriced foods in Malaysia that we should all consider cutting down on or not buying at all. Here is a full list of food items we think are overpriced and you should consider cutting out or down to save money.

1. Expensive Chocolate

Ever come across one box of 23 pieces of chocolate that sells at RM120 and above? Shockingly, there are plenty of shops selling chocolates at this price or even higher in the city. A nice Kit-Kat would have done the trick if you ask us.

2. Coffee

If you are someone who enjoys café-hopping, then you should also know that a cup of coffee that sells at RM10 is equivalent to a decently sized lunch and dinner for many Malaysians.

3. Soft Drinks and Snacks in Cinemas

When you can get a can of Coke at only RM3 in the supermarket, it is outrageous to know that cinema operators are making a fortune by selling a medium-sized cup at RM8 and above. The same goes for nuggets and snacks like Twisties!

4. Truffle Fries

Truffle fries are a gourmet makeover of the French fries classic by mixing truffle oil and, at times, shavings of parmesan cheese over the fried goodness. You can also have other varieties of the classic dish such as Cajun Fries, Kimchi with Bulgogi Fries, or even soft serve ice cream fries. If you think about it, it is not that big of a hassle to make this on your own!

5. Cheese Tart

Remember Hokkaido and Tokyo Street cheese tarts? Malaysians went crazy when these shops first opened in Kuala Lumpur. However, the frenzy was short-lived since many locals decided that it was too expensive to get a cheese tart at RM5 and above, each!

6. Cold-pressed and blended fruit juices

The trend of drinking fruit juices is picking up in Malaysia as the two biggest fruit juice makers, Boost Juice and Juice Works, continue to open new branches. However, we still do not get why people would buy fruit juices priced at RM10 and above when they can make their own for half the price at home.

7. Cocktails

We have all been to clubs, pubs, and bistros for a good time with our friends and colleagues but some of us may think: why would a small cocktail cost more than RM40? It’s not uncommon to find these price tags at the latest speakeasy bars around KL.

8. Local food in high-end restaurants

Though we take pride in our local food such as Nasi Lemak and Roti canai, it still doesn’t justify high-end restaurants selling these dishes at a premium price. These dishes taste better at a mamak stall anyway.

9. Magnum Ice Cream

Ever heard of the new cheesecake and matcha ice cream in Family Mart? It will only cost you RM2.90 rather than paying as high as RM30 for the same guilty pleasure.

10. Popcorn

If you can get your favourite popcorn at the cinema, why would anyone want to buy flavoured popcorn at a price doubled elsewhere?

Always remember to ask yourself if the foods—and other goods—you’re buying are worth the price. It’s a great way to save money!

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