Safe as houses: Must-read safety precautions before you leave home these holidays

If you’re travelling for CNY, you’re probably well caught up in the sweet burden of trip preparations and the excitement of catching up with friends and relatives back home. Yay for good times!

But let’s pause for a second…remember who else is really excited about you leaving town? Thieves. Returning to a burgled house certainly doesn’t fall in the ‘good times’ category. Neither does stressing over possible break-ins while you’re away.

So here’s what you can do right now to put your mind at ease and get back to carefree mode – with minimal effort and at negligible cost.

Improve your home security without spending a cent with these 5 easy tricks

  • Tell a trusted friend or neighbour. Ask them to check into the house daily, collect the mail or keep the garden tidy. Don’t cancel your paper delivery – have them collect it instead. Your home will appear occupied and less attractive to thieves.
  • Use timer switches for lights. Set them to automatically turn on lights or radio at given times, to create the impression someone is in the house. If you have motion-activated outdoor lights, set them to switch on after dark too.
  • Keep valuables out of sight. Your TV, laptops, Hi-Fi, etc. should not be easily seen from the outside. Day curtains help keep out prying eyes – though bear in mind that black-out curtains drawn for days might tip off potential intruders.
  • Put your house phone on silent. If a burglar is sizing up your home, a series of unanswered calls is a sure sign of your absence – so be sure to silence or disconnect it before you leave.
  • Inspect your door and window locks. Make sure all the locks in your home are in good working condition – then, right before leaving the house, do a last minute check to ensure you’ve locked them all.

Invest 35 cents a day for complete peace of mind during all national holidays

If someone does break into your home, what better relief than knowing you’ll at least be compensated for your losses? Coming home to find that taking out insurance was a pretty smart move, definitely beats staring at an empty space and wishing you’d bought that plan before leaving. Plus it’s not only break-ins you need to protect yourself from. Accidental fires, pipe-bursts or floods could damage your home content too.

The latest in our range of uniquely affordable and comprehensive plans could be just what you need right now – aptly named EZHoliday. From just 35 cents a day, it covers not just your home content from theft, accidents and natural disasters – it also covers you with high benefits for accidental death or disability during the holidays, when the risk of accidents and house break-ins becomes higher than ever. Coverage automatically kicks in on all National Holidays, including 5 days before AND 5 days after, plus all school holidays. Yet you only apply for it once. So you save time and money down the line – but gain extra peace of mind when it matters. Intrigued? Get a quote or learn more.

See? Ensuring your home is secure and you’re financially covered for all eventualities while away is so easy to do. So do it now – then go on and have a well-deserved, fun and relaxing break.

Happy Chinese New Year!

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