How Smartphones Have Changed Our Lives

Years ago, if we went out and realized we had left your wallet at home, we might feel unsecured and had to return home quickly.  Nowadays, what if we left the smartphones at home?  We may feel completely lost. Without the can-do-all device at your fingertips…how are we going to surf the internet, know our schedule for the day, check in our favourite

social platforms, text our friends, take photos, listen to music…we become an isolated island completely!


Most people will agree that smartphones, in a relatively short space of time, have forever changed how we live, both in subtle and obvious ways. The real question is, have the changes improved our lives or have smartphones made us worse off?

Smartphones Changing the World

They have changed the way we consume information and communicate: Convenience or Laziness?

Today we can access any kind of information as and when we want. Same is true for communication. The fact that we can get any information at any time has a great impact on our lives. A recent study by Columbia University found that we are more likely to forget information that we know we can easily retrieve again. When we are asked questions, we tend think about how we can find the answer on the internet, rather than thinking of the solution to the question. It appears we are getting lazier as we know we can access any information anytime.

They have changed the way behave: More Connected or More Isolated?

At the break of dawn the first thing we do is reach for our smartphone to turn off  the alarm clock, check our emails and social media for messages from our boss or friends.  As the day goes by we use our smartphone on the way to work in the car or LRT, during mealtimes, at work, on the way home, in the bathroom and in bed. Are we more sociable, addicted to a new form of self-indulgence or isolated from real-life human interaction?

They have changed the way we work: More Productive or Non-Stop Working?

Thanks to mobile technology, smartphones have spread the day out and made us available no matter where we are. These powerful, pocketable computers allow us to get things done even when we’re on the go such as checking email, reviewing files and video conferencing. Have we become more productive, and or have we given up our ability to disconnect from our working lives?

They have changed the way protect our health: More Lazy or More Health Conscious?

These days’ adults and children alike spend many hours a day on their smartphones, playing addictive games like Candy Crush or watching YouTube videos etc. This use of time takes away from physical activity and exercising to prevent diseases such as obesity and diabetes.  Others would argue though that downloadable health apps can actually help us monitor and improve our health like self-monitoring diet and weight watch.  Apps may also provide access to health information or even remind us to take medication, record vital signs such as blood sugar and blood pressure.


Furthermore, doctors have become mobile. Apps can bring qualified doctors right to your smartphone screen, giving you first hand advice in an emergency.  Traditional therapy is face-to-face, but virtual counseling connects us with our doctor via a computer screen, anytime, anywhere, this is especially important if we are rural residents.

They have changed the way we travel: Paper Maps or GPS?

With the tracking device in your pocket, walking home alone at night is not as dangerous as it was years ago.  There are safety apps with live GPS tracking so your friends can make sure you get home safely, and other apps that trigger an automatic alarm if you fail to check in at a specified time. We can also arrange taxi pick-ups using a well-known app that records the name of and registration of your taxi driver as well as the route you are taking.


However the biggest change smartphones have made to our lives is how easy it is to arrange affordable protection for you and your family with the EZTakaful app.


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Next week sees the final instalment of EZTakaful’s Blog series on Technology, where we will discuss the impact of social media on local communities. Stayed Tuned!

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