How To Feel Rich Even If You’re Not

The unfortunate thing about money is that there never seems to be enough of it. No matter how wealthy someone is, they can always do with more money and this is true for most normal folks, too.

Being rich is not the same as feeling rich. A successful tycoon can feel discontent with the glamorous lifestyle her friends are splashing all over social media, while a mid-level executive can feel grateful that he is managing his finances well and providing adequately for his family’s needs. It’s all a matter of perspective. Here are some tips to help you feel rich even when you are not (yet) earning top dollar.

Consider revising this to read: if you’re not (yet) earning top dollar.

1. Take Good Care Of Your Possessions – When the things you have are well-maintained, you won’t need to replace them every so often, especially high-ticket items such as your car.

2. Don’t Keep Up With The Joneses – Socialise with low-maintenance friends who do not frequent expensive cafes or have a penchant for branded goods. These friends will not judge you by the size of your house, car or wallet/purse.

3. Set Aside Some Funds Every Month – Rather than buy something with 20% off (a form of fake savings), put that money into your savings account, which will contribute to your future wealth.


4. Do Something You Love Each Day – Shake off the stresses of the day by feeding your soul with your favourite things. Listen to good music, play with your pet, spend quality time with the kids, indulge in some meditative adult colouring books or take walks in the lovely park nearby. These activities won’t cost much, but will make you feel like a million bucks.

5. Live Within Your Means – Even if you earn RM100,000 a year, but spend way above that, you won’t feel rich. In the event of an emergency, you’ll have to depend on credit cards to get through it. If you want to go for a vacation, you’ll have to save for a few months to do so and you would most likely charge a major bulk of the costs onto your credit card, too. Living within your means gives you the ability to save every month, which makes you feel rich.

6. Find Ways To Earn More Money – Trade your free time to earn some extra income. The money you gain can be put towards your nest egg or towards a dream vacation that will make life feel wonderful without saddling you with debt.

7. Volunteer At A Soup Kitchen Or A Home For The Needy – There is no better way to feel rich than by making a real difference in the lives of those who need it the most. Coming face to face with people in poverty will make you appreciate what you already have.

8. Invest In Your Relationships – Treating your family or friend for a meal or coffee, taking a trip back home for a family reunion and giving thoughtful birthday presents will definitely contribute towards making you feel rich, and enhance your treasured relationships as well.

9. Choose A Forever Home – When you buy a home, buy one that you can easily afford and where you can live for as long as you possibly can. The home must not make you feel ‘poor’ in the sense that it’s only a temporary abode until things get better. If you can’t find a home that you can afford, rent instead.

10. Eat And Drink Well – Don’t skimp on your groceries. Good quality produce will make you enjoy your home-cooked meals more and are great for your health, too. If you love coffee, forget about the horrible instant ones. Instead, get freshly-roasted, quality coffee beans from your local coffee joint to grind and brew at home. It will taste fantastic while costing just a fraction of what you would pay ordering a take-out coffee.

With these tips, you will be on your way towards building a well-balanced and richly rewarding life. Most importantly, you will feel happier and more contented, which will make you a pleasant person to be around.

How To Feel Rich And Protected

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