Celebrating family: count your blessings, then PROTECT them with this easy and low-cost measure

With only a couple days left in the countdown to our family reunion dinners, we’re reminded of how blessed we are to have a family of our own. To care and be cared for, to love and to be loved.

And what’s love if not our conscious commitment to always do our utmost for the promotion of their security, their welfare, and their growth?

Granted, caring for a family can be a demanding affair. And expensive too. Plus, things may not necessarily go to plan – as they often don’t – and then it can get even harder and costlier. But showing your love and responsibility can also be as simple as putting away RM1 a day to create a protective net for your family against the unforeseen.

So there’s good reason why our plans are built to offer such an excellent value for your money when you choose to include your spouse and children too. It’s because we believe in the importance of covering “everyone you love” and of helping you to achieve it.

Why should you think about insuring your entire family?

First of all, because with EZCover it costs from as little as RM1 a day to cover you, your spouse and ALL your children…Quite simply, because it’s such a small price to pay compared to the reassurance of having generous cash benefits tucked away for you and ready to protect your family’s livelihood in times of need.

But mostly because accidents don’t discriminate. They can happen to anyone in your family, anytime. Children, for one, are more vulnerable to accidents; parents know that all too well. And whether you and your spouse are both busy working to provide for them, or one of you is busy looking after them at home, it’s easy to ignore how many risks you are exposed to every day.

If your family relies on two incomes to satisfy your daily needs, you need to think about how they would cope after the loss of one income – in case one of you had an accident and couldn’t work, or if one of you had to leave their job to care for an injured child. If you are the sole breadwinner, you’d still need an additional income if someone in your family was injured – to cope with the heavy medical costs as well as continue to meet your regular household obligations. And that’s where family insurance can make all the difference.

Only you can imagine how badly your finances would be affected if you or a member in your family had a serious accident. So while you count your blessings this holiday season, don’t forget to protect them too.

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