So, apart from accidentally getting hit on the head by an orange, what else could go wrong this CNY?

Well, you could get hit on the head by a banana. (Not sure what the latest scientific consensus is on which one hurts most – probably best to avoid both if you plan on joining Chap Goh Meh.)

But this post isn’t about fruit. It’s about the serious risks you could be facing this holiday season. The ones that could land you in hospital and ruin all the fun – and your wallet. And these perils are real:

Other drivers will make mistakes

Last year’s Op Selamat saw an increase in road accidents. And with 80% of those accidents being due to human error, you may be the world’s best driver, yet still at the mercy of others’ mistakes. It’s even worse if you’re a motorcyclist – as two thirds of road accidents involved one.

All the rush and excitement can lower your defences

You may be rushing to clean your home, decorate, cook dinner and please all your guests – increasing the risk of accidental falls, slips or burns. Or you are exhausted by the long-distance drive, your reflexes are weak, and you find it harder to handle the stresses of the road.

Fireworks might work, or not

As spectacular as they may be – fireworks and firecrackers can quickly turn dramatic, and not in a good way. (The New Year’s Day fireworks accident in Port Klang is a month away and still a fresh reminder.) A sign of luck and prosperity to many – to others, a cause of injury, serious burns, or even death.

Large crowds, petty crime, risky business

There’s an inherent danger in large crowds gathering in confined spaces. Even small crowds can become dangerous if the density is high enough – leading to crush injuries or fatalities. Petty thieves and dodgy strangers also love to operate in large crowds and you never know when such encounters will turn ugly.

Dengue and malaria lurk around for new arrivals

Malaysia is one of the hardest hit dengue endemic countries, with over 100,000 cases reported in 2016 and no current cure. And while urban areas are mostly malaria-free, it is still a cause for concern in parts of the country – and if not treated promptly it can be very severe, especially to non-locals.

But the truth is, misfortune strikes even when you least expect it – holidays or not

Accidents happen year-round and being hospitalised often means a significant amount of expenditure. It may also mean loss of income or the foregoing of important opportunities. And these aren’t burdens that you should be shouldering at such times – your priority should be on your speedy recovery.

So while staying alert this holiday season, it would indeed be wise to also be financially prepared in case an accident puts you in hospital – now or any other time of the year.

EZCergas provides a generous hospitalisation income in addition to any other insurance you may already have. The daily cash payouts you receive may be used for any necessary purpose, not just on hospital fees. You can customise it with coverage for dengue and malaria, motorcycle accidents, major surgeries or outpatient emergencies – whatever suits your needs. Plus, it costs a lot less than you might think.

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