Anatomy of a Mat Rempit

There’s nothing like the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are protected while driving on the road. Especially when you have personal accident insurance, which is a good way to get additional coverage on top of your motor insurance policy. But did you know that certain dangerous activities are not covered by such policies, no matter how comprehensive they are?

Mat Rempit-ing is One of Those Activities

Aah, Mat Rempits. If you can’t beat them, well, don’t even think about joining them because you won’t be covered. The term Mat Rempit was first coined by Wan Kamarulzaman, a reporter from TV Edisi Siasat, and refers to motorcyclists who participate in illegal road races, typically with their underbone motorcycles known as ‘kapcai’ or scooter. These Mat Rempits often come into action after dusk when the roads and highways are less busy.

Just How Dangerous Are They?

Mat Rempits are notorious for their general lack of concern for safety. Call them daredevils or nitwits on the road, they are a class apart from the safe biker. They usually do away with protective clothing that keep bikers safe, such as a helmet, thick jacket, thick pants, suitable shoes and gloves. When Mat Rempits are involved in an accident caused by their reckless driving, there is an extremely high chance of them being critically injured or dead due to the impact to their unprotected body parts.

This is how real bikers roll
And this is a recipe for disaster

The Not-So Phantom Menace

Illegal racing is dangerous not only to the Mat Rempits, but to the innocent public as well. Recently, a homeless man lost his life when two Mat Rempits ran over him while he was crossing the road. This is not surprising as these reckless riders love whizzing on the road at high speeds while showing off their distinctive stunt riding styles:


Wheelie (Whale Style) – This stunt is accomplished by moving at great speed while lifting the front tyre of the motorcycle.


Wikang (Reversed Whale Style) – This is similar to the Wheelie except that the Mat Rempit would need to lift the back tyre instead.

Look, Ma, no legs!

Scorpion – Like its name sake, the Mat Rempit looks ready to do some serious damage in this pose. Both legs are up in the air and most riders do not even hold the motorcycle’s handles. This is no mean feat and requires a lot of upper body and core strength. Not to mention flexibility, too.

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Oh, it’s just a Mat Rempit.

Superman – This is by far the most popular and well-recognised pose. The inventor of this pose probably had a deep-seated wish to fly like Superman, able to conquer highways in a single bound.

The problem is, Mat Rempits are not superheroes. Rather, they are viewed as villains on the road and a general public nuisance. Unfortunately, despite the increased roadblocks and tightening enforcement measures by the police and JPJ, it looks like Mat Rempits will live to terrorise our roads for another day.

Although there are 12,089,747 motorcycles registered with the Road Transport Department (RTD) in December 2015, 1.2 million motorcyclists are still not licensed under JPJ. This is dire news indeed.

Be Wise, Protect Yourself

Illegal racing, so beloved by the Mat Rempits, is not covered by insurance because it is done at the rider’s own risk. And while you may not be a Mat Rempit, you could be exposed to their dangerous activities when driving on the road.

As such, it is wise to ensure that you and your loved ones are well protected on the road. EZTakaful offers comprehensive personal accident insurance coverage from as low as RM10 per month. Now that’s a small price to pay for complete peace of mind.

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