5 Ways To Increase Your Home Value Through Renovations

Renovations are a good way to increase the value of your property, even during these challenging times. Simple updates to refresh the home can make a world of difference and increase the comfort of you and your family. According to experts, these renovations should not cost more than 10% of your home purchase price. Here are 5 renovation tips to maximise the value of your home:

1. Spruce Up The Kitchen

A clean, functional kitchen with good cabinetry and well-thought out working spaces will definitely boost your home value. Bear in mind that kitchen updates can be very expensive, so strategise carefully according to your budget.

  • For cabinets that look a bit outdated but are still sturdy and work well, consider just replacing the worn cabinet handles with modern looking ones. It makes your kitchen look great without breaking the bank.
  • If the cabinets need more serious work, you can replace the doors and drawers with brand new ones. Add a coat of paint over them for an instant fresh look.
  • Replace dingy looking backsplash tiles with new ones.
  • If your kitchen sink has tough stains and has seen better days, you may replace the faucet and basin with sparkling new ones.

2. Freshen Up The Bathroom

After years of frequent use, bathroom fixtures would benefit greatly from an update. Luckily, they can be easily improved without busting the budget.

  • Replace old toilet seats with new ones to instantly revive the bathroom.
  • For grimy and discoloured bathroom floors, consider installing a new floor on top of the old one by using vinyl tiles or sheet vinyl.
  • If your tub and shower are grimy, you may replace chipped tiles and re-grout them. It’s cheaper than re-tiling the walls and refinishing the tub.

3. Give The Floor A Facelift

Having great looking flooring makes the whole house look put-together and lovingly cared for. It’s the first thing you connect with the moment you step into any room.

  • If your carpets are still in good condition, invest in professional carpet cleaning to give them new life.
  • Refresh parquet floors by getting professionals to level the underfloor, reinstall loose blocks and re-sand the whole floor to reveal its original lustre.
  • If you have marble flooring, hire professionals to give it a good polish. The pristine, gleaming floors will make your heart sing and impress visitors.

4. Liven Up The Walls

Nothing makes a home look clean, gleaming and bright like a new coat of paint. Also, after many years of inhabiting the house, it’s very likely that the wall colours are outdated and in dire need of a change.

  • Visit the recently renovated houses of your friends to get an idea of what works for them, which may also work for you. They will only be too happy to give you tips, paint colour charts and recommend their contractors who did a great job for them.
  • Choose neutral colours that will stand the test of time and complement your home’s furnishings.
  • Instead of wallpapering, you may paint your feature wall in stripes or classic chevron shapes. It’s an affordable and quick way to make your any room stand out.

5. Revitalise Fixtures And Fittings

  • By changing your electrical switch plates and installing light dimmers, you will add a modern touch to your home without much cost.
  • Replace worn hinges, door handles, and door knobs with new ones to give them a fresh look.
  • If you have the budget, you may install mouldings to your ceiling. It adds a subtle air of classiness to your home, especially when the ceiling is
  • Strategically placed modern lighting is a simple way to jazz up your home instantly. Consider installing pendant lighting in the dining and living room.

Renovating your home with these simple tips can make it easier to sell the house and help increase its value. Remember to keep your investment low for a good return.

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