Life and Personal Accident Insurance…what’s the difference?

In this age of natural disasters, fatal accidents and economic crises, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that those feeling insecure are turning to insurance for financial protection for them and their loved ones. Insurance can be a fantastic safety net should the worst happen, however it can be quite complicated and difficult to understand. … Continued

Protecting yourself when shopping online

Most of us are constantly ‘connected’ to the internet. With our laptops, smartphones and tablets we use the internet throughout the day for entertainment, socialising, keeping in touch with family, and education. Another major use of the internet is shopping, in the form of e-commerce.   According to the Nielsen Global E-Commerce Survey Aug 2014, … Continued

How to best prepare your finances for your future

With the rising costs of living, our tumbling ringgit and the unhealthy levels of haze across Malaysia, being financially secure enough to enjoy your life in retirement might not one of the top priorities at the moment. However, Malaysia is forecasted to become an aged nation by 2030 i.e. when the elderly accounts for 15% … Continued