Smart Ways To Save On The Top 5 Wedding Costs

Planning your wedding soon? Congratulations, there is nothing more wonderful than marrying your soulmate! However, weddings can be very costly affairs, ranging from RM50,000 on average to as high as over RM300,000. For prudent brides and grooms who want a dream wedding without getting saddled with massive debts, read on. We’ve come up with a … Continued

10 Ways To Save On Healthcare Costs

Escalating medical costs can pose a heavy financial burden to any Malaysian, regardless of their economic status. The fact is, healthcare costs can be incurred without warning after an unexpected incident, causing immense stress and anxiety. Here are a few practical ways to help minimise your healthcare expenses and avoid being caught off-guard if the … Continued

4 Tips To Transition From Homemaker to Employee

Many women take a career break to look after their young children then return to corporate life a few years later. The return can be challenging especially when the break has been a long one. The following are some tips to help make the transition as smooth as possible: 1. Keep Your Skills Current Before … Continued